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Vehicle Pickup


As an additional service, Performance Auto Carrier offers the convenience of pickup if you’re unable to bring the vehicle to us.

Advance notice of two days is needed if you are living in the Greater Toronto Area and four days if you are living outside the boundaries of the Greater Toronto Area. An extra charge is applicable for this service dependent on your location of pickup.

Performance Auto Carrier will dispatch a truck and a driver to your location. The driver will pick up your vehicle and take it back to our storage. If you will not be present when the drivers arrive to pick up your vehicle, you must ensure that the keys are left with a neighbour or in another predetermined place. Evidence of ownership, insurance forms and any special operating instructions that we may require for your vehicle must be given to the drivers at this time.

Any forgotten items will mean another trip to your home which will result in additional costs. If possible, smaller items can be dropped off to an overnight drop-box available at Performance Auto Carrier’s office.

Please contact us via email or by phone at 1-855-497-7770 for price inquiries for the vehicle pickup service.

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