Transporting a car from one location to another is not simply a matter of finding an empty truck bed and a willing driver: it’s about understanding the rules, regulations, and customs of a variety of different locations. As a commercial car shipping company, we are fluent in both the logistical and bureaucratic realities of commercial car transport. Whether we are working with large-scale automotive manufacturers, auction houses, or a local moving company, we are ready to handle the organizational challenges and physical realities of custom vehicle transport. Although we work primarily in Canada, we are capable of coordinating transports across international waters and beyond. We believe that our client’s wishes are the priority; everything else is simply a matter of finding the right solution at the right time to meet that need.

We are comfortable with multiple car shipments, single vehicles, and a variety of different types of vehicles combined in one shipment. Simply put, we believe that each transport is as unique as the client. We will work with you to understand precisely what we are transporting, and the best possible method of delivery. Some of our customers need to move the fleet of a corporation, while others require the delivery of a single, special vintage automobile. Our relatively large size and integrated organizational mindset allows us both the flexibility and the strength to handle virtually any type of commercial vehicle transport.

Years of experience have allowed us to create a substantial network of vetted service providers and fellow transport associates from coast to coast. Additionally, we have access to and the understanding of multiple types of special equipment that are often used in the loading and off-loading of specialized vehicles. By using our services, a company doesn’t have to worry about making additional arrangements. We handle everything from the moment a company or individual contacts us. This holistic approach enables us to guarantee the safe and sound delivery of all vehicles, regardless of their weight, size, origin, or final destination. All our customers have to do is give us basic information about the vehicle. Our team of professional transport experts can then take this information and begin developing the paperwork necessary for a seamless transportation experience, including any and all customs brokerage.

Our customers can also relax and place faith in our physical storage facilities, which have been secured and staffed with professionals with years of experience in the transport trade. By using our service, vehicles will arrive intact in a timely fashion without loss or damage. In the event of an unforeseen accident, our insurance policy will quickly rectify any problems or damages. We value the peace of mind of our customers, and have taken steps to ensure that everything operates smoothly. Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure that we are working with only the best tools in the best condition.

Most importantly, we are able to offer our state-of-the-art services at an industry competitive rate. Our rigorous commitment to quality and excellence means that we are always operating at the top of our game, which translates to a far more satisfying and cost-effective customer experience. We look forward to helping you with your next transport.