Car Shipping Review to and from Regina SK

Angela King

A friend of mine suggested I get in touch with you guys when I found myself in need of a car to be shipped from Regina, SK to Pickering, ON. The woman I spoke to was very patient with me and gave me all the information I needed. I was worried that you wouldn’t take my business because it was within the same city, but it didn’t matter!
Thanks for the great pricing and the great employees I worked with.

Angela King Thanks again guys
Michelle Laferte

How do you get a car from point A in Spruce Grove, AB to point B in Regina, SK without too much hassle and without emptying your wallet? By calling Performance Auto Carrier. They shipped a car for me and made the entire thing so easy on me. Not only was it within my price range, but they did all of the leg work for me. All I had to do was tell them where to get the car and where to take it. It was a really smooth transaction.

Michelle LaferteThanks again guys