Car Shipping Delivery Options


Delivery Options

Whether you plan on shipping your car across the province or nationwide, Performance Auto Carrier is your first choice for getting the best deal.

Our auto transportation services provide you with the highest standard of safety in the vehicle shipping industry. All of our delivery trucks come equipped with advanced auto-carrying equipment to move your vehicle safely anywhere you choose to ship.

Performance Auto Carrier’s transporting vehicles are licensed, bonded and insured so you can be assured your vehicle will arrive safely at it’s destination.

The safety of your vehicle rides in the hands of your car carrier. Performance Auto Carrier is here to help you make the right choice and to save you money.

Types of Car Delivery

While there are a number of ways to deliver your vehicle, the options for types of auto transportation hardware are limited to the following:

Open Delivery Trucks

Open-top auto trailers are the most frequently used method of shipping cars as it is very cost effective when transporting across long distances.

However, this is not the recommended way of moving a classic or luxury vehicle because of exposure to the elements during travel. Performance Auto Carrier is extremely careful when shipping your vehicle but extra attention should be given when inspecting your vehicle for any damages after it has been shipped.

Closed Delivery Trucks

Using a closed-truck for delivery is the best way to avoid exposure to the elements and hazards which are inherent using the open-truck delivery method. When delivering your luxury vehicle, this is your best choice as it will protect your investment and offer you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe during travel. This option is at an additional cost, but it is well worth it for higher-value vehicles.

If you plan on shipping your vehicle overseas, you will need to look at options for transportation including travel by boat. This can add a considerable amount of time and cost to the delivery but may be the only option if you choose to bring your North American vehicle with you to another country. When shipping a vehicle overseas you must anticipate additional expenses for customs and import duties.

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