Shipping Antique Automobiles


Shipping your antique, classic or vintage car should only be done by the most capable company. Performance Auto Carrier will take the utmost care and responsibility to ensure the protection and safe transportation of your treasured vehicle. We know that collecting these kinds of vehicles is in the domain of the extraordinary. Performance Auto Carrier appreciates the delicacy that’s involved in classic car transport and treats these cars with the respect that they deserve. We put as much care into transporting these prized vehicles safely as you do maintaining them.

Our classic car transportation service is not just about getting your car from one destination to another. Care, expertise, service and reliability are just as important as fast, efficient, person to person delivery. At Performance Auto Carrier, we care as much as you do about your car so we invest time, effort and interest in a safe, damage-free delivery experience for you.

Working closely with partners in the car collecting industry, Performance Auto Carrier has developed a streamlined classic vehicle delivery service that is professional and expeditious across Canada.

Collecting classic cars can be a rewarding experience that has the tangible effect of car owners seeing the product of their efforts. Let the experts at Performance Auto Carrier take responsibility of your investment with the professional care worthy of these treasured automobiles.

Please contact us via email or by phone at 1-855-497-7770 for price inquiries for this service. Online quotations are also available now.


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