Performance Auto Carriers has specialized in excellence for over 20 years and prides itself in stress-free deliveries. Our company has the resources to safely and efficiently handle any auto transport, whether it be a car, motorcycle, motor home, or luxury vehicle. We offer the most efficient delivery service by taking advantage of our team of licensed drivers, quality transport trucks and extensive carrier connections. When it comes to service, we put our clients first to certify your best shipping experience.

Our Promise

We guarantee that our services are of the highest quality and are catered specifically to you. As an auto carrier, we will treat your vehicle with the utmost concern and you with the utmost respect. Our company works for your convenience by offering the best delivery, customer service, and care possible. We ensure your satisfaction through our attention to detail and vow that all aspects of our company will meet and exceed your expectations.


We pull out all of the stops when it comes to friendly and sincere customer service. Our staff is dedicated to providing the most trouble free shipping experience, both through the physical delivery and our committed customer support. If you ever have a question or concern about your vehicle, we will be happy to assist you as quickly as possible to resolve any and all issues you may have. You will be able to communicate with us whenever necessary, including the vehicle shipping process. We perform for your convenience by adhering to our estimated time of arrival as closely as we can. You can trust that all paperwork and transportation operations are performed to only the highest possible standard.


We provide services tailored to every car shipping need so you will get the utmost customer satisfaction. Offering both truck and rail transport gives you the opportunity to select the easiest form of transport for you as well as providing you with more affordable options to choose from. We own and maintain an ever-growing supply of trucks to bring your vehicle safely to its destination. Our truck drivers are licensed and well qualified, leaving our clients satisfied every time. When it comes to rail transport, we work closely with the Canadian National Railway for the most economical and dependable automobile transport possible. We also offer both national and international delivery options, as well. With our strong network of carriers we can ensure that all deliveries within or outside the country are treated with the proper care and are transported in a timely fashion.


Our job is to make your life easier. To do so, we make our practice as accommodating as possible. Performance Auto Carriers offers convenient vehicle pick up if you are unable to bring car to us for delivery. Our drivers are courteous and more than capable of handling any kind of vehicle pickup you need. We also offer excellent short term vehicle storage in our vast outdoor parking lot or heated indoor lot. Our storage is kept in peak condition to ensure your vehicle is stored safely in a clean environment. Flexible pricing is provided for all of our services so you will always receive the best rate. If you are concerned about pricing, you can utilize our free online rate quote service provided for all prospective clients.


Your vehicle will be in the best of care the full time it is in our custody. All automobiles are fully monitored to guarantee their safety in our facilities. We also offer full insurance to ease your mind about the delivery. Transportation is handled by our team of seasoned drivers who work hard to provide you with an effortless auto transport experience. Our drivers sport a vast amount of hauling experience and are ranked well on their inspection ratings. Protection services like full insurance and top-notch drivers certify a seamless car delivery every single time.

Ease of Use

Not only is our company one of Canada’s top vehicle moving providers, but it is also staffed by employees who work hard to keep our business simple and easy to use. We offer online booking where we clearly outline the information needed for a successful move. You provide us with the basics like transportation method and drop-off location, and we will take care of the rest. If you have any concerns, our contact information is listed clearly on our website. We strive to cater our business directly to you, pulling out all unnecessary complications to make your experience a pleasant one.