Shipping Exotic Cars

Transporting an exotic car

Transporting Exotic Car

When transporting exotic cars, owners of rare, restored or highly expensive cars need to be assured that their vehicle is being handled by professionals with the knowledge effectively handle any issues that may arise, regardless of the vehicle’s location.

They also need the assurance of knowing that if there is a mishap an insurance policy is in place to cover any damage that might occur during transportation. At Performance Auto Carrier, we care as much as you do about your car so we invest time, effort and interest in a safe, damage-free delivery experience for you.

At Performance Auto Carrier we value the time, expense and energy that has been put into your exotic vehicle. This motivates us to perform at our highest to ensure your vehicle is safe and free of damage when it arrives at it’s destination.

When choosing Performance Auto Carrier, you have the assurance that you’ve selected an experienced team that are properly licensed and insured to transport your highly-prized vehicle.

Our drivers will ensure the best protection of your exotic car no matter the conditions they encounter on their journey.

At Performance Auto Carrier, our reputation speaks for itself. Contact one of our sales representatives today or fill out the appropriate Quote Form for a price on your vehicle delivery.

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