Imagine being in a situation where your personal vehicle needs to be moved to another town or province and you are unable to drive it there. Perhaps you have been transferred, have a temporary job assignment, or want to send your car to a college student or other friend or family member. You may even have a custom, antique or classic car you do not want to risk for long distances on public roads. Whatever your situation, there is no need to panic. Performance Auto Carrier, one of the nation’s leading auto transport services, was created specifically to move your precious wheels from origin to destination safely and professionally. Whether you need to move a car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, van, motor home or something more specialized our transportation experience and customer service expertise are now at your command.

Our process is custom designed for each client. We consult with you personally to determine the best route and method to transport your vehicle, whether by truck or rail. Our coverage is door-to-door and coast-to-coast.

We use the same care needed as if you were moving your family to a new home. Our checklist prepares your car for its big journey and ensures no detail is embarrassingly left out. We arrange for the proper paperwork to satisfy motor carrier regulations. State of the art tracking of your shipment allows us to give you status updates as the process moves forward.

When your vehicle is delivered you receive one single all-inclusive bill, including car transport, taxes and any other required fees. Our highly competitive rates are another reason our customers stay satisfied. The use of our own trucks and qualified, carefully selected transport drivers ensures a high level of quality control at an affordable cost. All deliveries are fully insured for your further protection and peace of mind. From pickup to final delivery we provide the service and you enjoy the convenience and freedom from worry.

Executives, athletes, automotive collectors and many other drivers enjoy the advantages of a premier auto transport service. Allow Performance Auto Carrier to deliver those advantages to you and your vehicle. Ask us for a quick, free quote to get the process started.