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What You Need to Know About Vehicle Shipping Insurance in Canada

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Shipping Insurance in Canada

Insurance is always a weighty matter when it comes to vehicle shipping Canada. Anything can go wrong during the shipping and in most cases, you will not desire to offset the losses using your own money. This is why it is important to get the right coverage for your car when it will be on transit.

Most of the auto shipping companies in Canada will provide very basic coverage for the cars, but again, they will have a clause on the contract negating them from any responsibility should something go wrong in the process and this further complicates the issue. Here are some of the things you should know when it comes to vehicle shipping Canada insurance:

Always ask the company for proof of insurance

A company claiming to have insurance and having the insurance are two different things. You don’t want to gamble with the safety of your vehicle by relaxing when the company tells you they have insurance. Demand to see a valid insurance certificate, since this is also your legal right. Ask for the specifics of the policy so that you know the particular items covered and those which may not be covered. This is to help you know if you will be required to pay any deductibles should there be any damages.

Be sure to check with your auto insurance company

Based on the policy you have, be sure to check with your insurance company if they will cover the car during the shipping and to what extent. If in case you are not pleased with the coverage offered by the auto shipping company, you can consult with your insurance on additional coverage to take care of anything necessary which might have not been covered by the auto shipping company.

Don’t ship the vehicle with loss items in the interior

When shipping your car, you should never hand over the car with lose items in the interior. Whether they are cassettes, CDs or removal electronics, be sure to remove all of them. This is because most of the vehicle shipping Canada insurance will not cover the car’s interior and shipping the car with such items on the inside makes the car a target for break-in by burglars during the shipping process.

About the pre-possession inspection

Before the vehicle shipping Canada company takes possession of you vehicle, they will conduct a thorough pre-possession inspection and note down all the damages on the car. It is highly recommended that you be present during this inspection and if possible, you should take photographs as part of the documentation so as to avoid any disputes on the car’s condition after it is delivered on the final destination.

Where to file a complaint

In the event that you feel the company did not meet your expectations or you need to file a complaint against them for one reason or the other, then you can always use your local Better Business Bureau for filing the complaint.