Know Your Auto Shipping USA Options

Know Your Auto Shipping USA Options

If you intend to ship your car to the United States, then you need to know the various options at your disposal. Whether you are closer to the border with the United States like some parts of Quebec or you are far up north, it is vital to consider your options carefully because that is the key for unlocking a good auto shipping experience and avoiding all the horrors and nightmares you have probably heard. Here are some of the options worth having in mind when considering auto shipping USA:

Air, Rail or Road

You can choose to have your car shipped by air, rail or road. All of these options come with their sets of merits and demerits and it is vital that you consider each into great details. To begin with, air auto shipping to the United States is by far the fastest, safest and the most reliable mode of auto shipping. With it, your vehicle will be shipped just like any cargo with the huge cargo planes and it can reach most cities across the United States in a relatively short period. You must, however, contend with the fact that it is also the most expensive form of auto shipping USA and be ready to pay very expensively for it.

Rail is the second option in terms of safety and reliability after auto shipping by air. With this option, your car will be loaded on the rail tracks and shipped via trains. It is much faster than auto shipping by road and a slightly expensive as well. One of the benefits of using this mode is that you have the convenience of traveling with your car on the same train so that you drive off in it when you hit the United States. However, it will only be convenient in areas where there is a good network of railway system.

Auto shipping by road on the other hand is when you vehicle is shipped by road using trucks, either open or closed. It is the most preferred mode of auto shipping USA and unless you are not in any particular hurry, then you should always go for it. It is relatively cheap and sometimes comes with door to door pickups and deliveries which make it even more convenient.

Enclosed and open auto shipping USA

In enclosed auto shipping, the car will be shipped in enclosed containers so that they are adequately protected against any form of damages as well as the prying eyes of the public. It is suitable when you need to ship classic cars, vintage car or very expensive SUVs.

With open auto shipping on the other hand, the car will be shipped in open auto trucks. It is the most common method for normal car shipping needs and hundreds of cars are shipped to the USA using this method on a daily basis. Irrespective of your chosen method, however, it will be imperative for you to do adequate research on the company you will task with the actual shipping. This is how you can avoid the common problems associated with auto shipping USA.