Consider These Factors for International Auto Shipping

Consider These Factors for International Auto Shipping

Consider These Factors for International Auto Shipping

Relocating from country to another is never an easy affair. It is not just dealing with the change in culture but also there are a number of preparations you need to make and this include shipping your items, which sometimes includes your car. With regards to international auto shipping, there is just a lot for you to consider.

For instance, you will have to make the right choice of the shipping company then work out all the cost implications, including how easy it will be to get the car to the final destination after loading at the port of entry. Considered below are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you are ever faced with the need for international auto shipping:

How is the transport in the new city like?

Relocating with your car will be ideal if the transportation system in the new city is something which you would find uncomfortable using. But most cities nowadays have very good public transport systems and you may find it completely unnecessary to move along with your car. Before you decide to incur all the costs associated with international auto shipping, do your research and ascertain that moving with your car will indeed be a good idea.

Is your type of car allowed in the next city?

If you were relocating to Japan, England or Australia, your Canadian car will not be compatible with their driving requirements and so you may not be allowed to ship it in. You thus need to know about such requirements so and decide if your car will be of any worth in the new country. For instance, people in North America drive on the right hand side, but people in the aforementioned countries drive on the left hand side. If you are tempted to try, you may be disoriented without good practice and you may end up causing an accident.

What is the cost of cars in the new country?

International auto shipping can be a bit expensive, and before you decide to make the leap, it would be prudent to find out the cost of the cars in your new destination. If the costs are reasonable, it would be a good idea if you sold your current car and carried the money to purchase a new one once you settle in your next destination.

How about the import tariffs

Import duty is one of the revenue earners for most countries and you are likely to pay some little fortune in terms of import tariffs for your car to be allowed into that country. If you add these tariffs and the cost of international auto shipping, you may realize that it is relatively high, thus rendering the decision to relocate with your car financially imprudent.

And your driver’s license

In most places, you will be allowed to drive with your current Canadian driving license, but just for a while. Be sure to know the requirements for getting the license in that country as well as all the accompanying regulations so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law in a new country.