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Common Questions about Canada Vehicle Shipping

Common Questions about Canada Vehicle Shipping

When you need the services of a Canada vehicle shipping company, you will try to do due diligence to research and find only the company that will meet all your auto shipping needs. In the process, you are likely to have lots of questions that will need answers to help you ensure that you get the right company and the right services.

Here are some of the common questions you are likely to have as well as their most probable answers:

How much notice should you give the vehicle shipping company?

It is recommended you to contact the auto shipping company at least one week before the date you desire to have the car shipped. With good planning, you could make the call one month prior and ensure that everything is in order and in good time. However, most of the Canada vehicle shipping companies are pretty flexible and can do with short days’ notices.

Is insurance included in the estimates?

Most of the auto shipping companies in Canada will include insurance in their basic package. However, you are encouraged to inquire about this and know the specifics covered by the auto company’s insurance. In the event that you feel the coverage is not adequate, you are highly encouraged to get additional cover for your car during the shipping process.

Do Canada shippers also ship luxury and classic cars?

Most of the auto shippers in Canada will ship just any kind of car you have in mind. For the luxury and the classic cars, most of them offer closed shipping which will accord the cars maximum protection and also keep them away from the prying eyes of the public. However, remember to call and ask if this is the kind of auto shipping service you needed from them.

Does my car have be operable for the shipping?

This depends on the specific company you will be using. There are some companies that will ship inoperable cars while there are others that will ship only car that can run. Just be sure to call and confirm if you had an inoperable car which you wanted shipped.

Will the auto shipper pick my car from the door and deliver it to the door?

Most of the Canada vehicle shipping companies offer door to door pickups and deliveries, but these will depend on a number of factors and may come with additional expenses. Some of the factors include the specific location of your home along the transport route since there are some places where the trucks may not access easily. In such a case, the car may be delivered to the closest point along the street to your house as possible.

Is the size of my car of any concern?

Yes, the size of your car matters a lot. It will be costlier to ship large cars such as SUVs and large trucks compared to shipping small and compact cars.

Must I be present for the pickup?

Most of the Canada vehicle shipping companies will require you or someone assigned by you to be present for the pickup.